The Class of 2020 Story Wall is meant to inspire central Pennsylvanians to remember and share stories, express their thoughts, and promote understanding around the lasting impact this pandemic will have on all of us. WITF invites you to share your photos, videos, audio clips, and narratives as we gather stories from the Class of 2020 about how the pandemic has affected their lives. Your submissions may be used in an upcoming production on WITF.

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Please share. Share the songs you were going to sing in a musical, display your artwork and poems, tell us about your prom attire, post the speech you would have delivered at commencement. Share your feelings and tell us how you are adjusting to online schooling, being at home, and changes to senior year milestone moments like graduations, proms, sports seasons, senior pictures, and transitions to college.

Whether you’re a high school senior, a college senior, a parent of a kindergarten or preschool graduate, a teacher, or a loved one, you have a story to tell, and we want to help you share it.

WITF invites you to share your photos, video, audio, and narrative as we gather local memories from the coronavirus pandemic on an interactive story wall found at

Remember to include the name of your school, college, or university in your story.  It’s a great way to show school spirit! Remember, no matter where you are from, or where you are studying, we are all in this together.  Thank you for sharing your Class of 2020 story!

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